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Paul and Greg Lipp of Paul R. Lipp and Son, in Rogers, Ohio.

This father-and-son team owns three excavators, two Hitachis EX160 and a Komatsu PC200. They installed the OC107 Bucket Position Monitor (Depth Monitor) in one of them in February of 2000 but as soon as they saw it work and how much they would save in labor alone they installed monitors on the other two as well. They have more than enough work for all the equipment and finish work faster, better, and most importantly, cheaper.

If you run a smooth and lean outfit you know that the way to profitability is cutting expenses. If you operate your excavator and want the income to stay in your pocket, the easy way is to install a monitor and send the grade checker do something more productive. Some hired operators don't particularly like the instrument since it takes away their overtime and therefore their extra income. However, most operators get very much attached to the instrument and depend on it for precise excavation.

Paul and Greg dig a lot of footers, basements and for sceptic tanks - all precise work to half an inch - and by using the OC107 Bucket Position Monitor they save themselves three people's salary. 

This benefit alone has already paid for the instruments. The spring of 2000 was very wet in Ohio. The danger of trenches caving in was substantial. But with the OC107 there is no need to go out and measure the depth, increasing the comfort of the job, aside from avoiding all the mud on your shoes!

Paul R. Lipp and Son are Ocala's dealers in Ohio.

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