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Hard rock, bad weather, deep trenches, no problem

"Gassi", hammering away lava rock in Reykjavik, Iceland

If there is a good proving ground for the OC107, it is Iceland, with its harsh environment, freezing temperatures, bad storms and very demanding operations as far as grade goes.

"I am an owner operator. Business has been good for the last few years. I started out with one excavator and bought a Depth Monitor very soon. It proved to be a magnificent tool. I have several excavators now, all equipped with monitors. There is no doubt that productivity is up by 10 to 40 percent depending on the job. Also important is not having to mess with the great outdoors when the storm is blowing, the temperature freezing and darkness around the excavation. My cab is as clean as my living room.

The new OC107 has nice new features. I use the instant slope very often. Also, the remote control and the sensor on the bucket (which I installed on the quick release, so I can easily change attachments), greatly increase the speed of taking a measure. When landscaping a large area we use a laser sensor on the stick. Getting exact grade with the remote control is a 10 second operation. I highly recommend the OC107 Bucket Position Monitor."

Garðar Þorbjörnsson, excavating contractor, Reykjavik Iceland.

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